3 thoughts on “Audio Tour etiquette in museums 

  1. Generations of Nomads


    A corollary to Rule No 1 is: Do not step backwards or sideways without checking that you won’t be stepping on/knocking over another museum guest.

    I know I’ve had other rules on this, but they’ve slipped my mind…


  2. lottenaughton

    Great article! I cannot count the number of times audio guides have obstructed pathways or objects for, as you said, inordinate amounts of time. Some museums should have designated audio guide waiting areas where people can stand whilst listening!


  3. travelgalcindy

    I hate audio guides because of how clueless and rude it makes the people using them. It’s too bad, because good audio guides (some of the Newport RI mansions have great ones) can add a lot to a visit.



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