Hi I’m Lyndall Linaker and I’m passionate about museums and cultural heritage. In 2014, I took the opportunity to go back to university to complete a Masters in Museum Studies at the University of Sydney, Australia. The experience made me view my area of interest in a more critical and thoughtful manner. I no longer view cultural institutions in the same way.

I think, read and write about some of the factors which make museums and heritage places successful  – their architecture, location, collections, exhibitions, staff and  management practices.

There are always questions to think about. How do museums and galleries operate? Do they continually build membership, build community, attract new and repeat visitors and truly engage with people in a physical and virtual sense? I’m exploring all kinds of ideas and questions, one blog post at a time. Sometimes its a long time between posts, but I hope that the end product makes a contribution to the sustainability of museums into the future.

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